“A Time of Remembrance”

Earlier this month, we marked a day of remembrance and recognition for those who serve/served in our Armed Forces.  To All veterans (and to those whose family members are veterans):  I thank you for your service to our nation. 

My Veteran’s Day weekend was marked with a traditional ceremony: An event filled with expressions of appreciation for those who served, which included: a tribute, a small gift and a resounding “Thank You” to a room of veterans.    

The month of November is marked with several customs and observations.  It can serve as a time of remembrance not only for veterans, but for anyone who may have passed away.  For some, the passing of a loved one is recognized through customs such as The Day of the Dead or All Souls’ Day. Whichever way you may choose to remember your loved one, it is my hope that you will find comfort during the holiday season. 

My father passed away just over three years ago.  He was an Army veteran.  Recently, I began to listen to the music he enjoyed.  Listening to some of his favorite artists tends to bring me comfort.  For example, he loved the music by Sam Cooke.  Music has a very magical way of taking you back to a moment, an event, or to a period of time.  When my daughter was very young my father would play his Sam Cooke CDs and they would listen to the songs together while she was underfoot.  She enjoyed spending time with him and playing with the buttons on his CD player.  I am sure he enjoyed those moments very much, and that the music may have taken him back to a period of remembrance. 

A month or so ago, I was visiting my mother.  We were watching an infomercial for R&B/Soul Tunes.  They showed clips of Sam Cooke, and that is when I proceeded to her basement and pulled out my father’s old CDs.  I found a Sam Cooke CD with over 30 hits!  I have been listening to the Sam Cooke tunes, intermittently, ever since. 

It is funny how life happens.   There were times when I watched my father and daughter enjoying those tunes. I never thought those very songs would serve as a tool of comfort for me sixteen (16) years later.

I know the holidays can be very tough when we miss a loved one.  I am offering you a “Treble” solution.  Pull out the favorite music of your loved one who passed, close your eyes, and let the memories flow. 

In a nod to those we remember during the month of November (and always)…..I wish you a Memorable holiday season! 

Posted: November 27, 2022

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